4 Sho and Lil Bit


Pay no attention to the name. Lil’ Bit, a hot, athletic Cuban, has a big one. 4 Sho, hung even bigger, is for sure a show-off. But that’s a good thing for a photo shoot. Standing a few feet from each other, the guys strike pose after pose and stroke their substantial pieces. When Lil’ Bit bends over, 4 Sho tries to dry-hump him. Maybe that’s why he’s the first to huff, puff and blow a wad. As Sho wipes off his big fat fire-hose, Lil’ Bit pops his cork. His tight body bucks, his hard gut flexes and he sprays the floor.

4 Sho and Lil Bit4 Sho and Lil Bit4 Sho and Lil Bit