Aaron Ridge and Kamrun


What’s muscle thug Aaron Ridge got in the leather satchel? Sly, sexy Kamrun can have it all if he just agrees to surrender his ass. It’s a deal! Just watching these two big manly guys making out on the couch as they rub each other’s crotches and strip down will have you ready to pop—but wait, the best is yet to cum! Kamrun leans over to get a taste of Aaron’s impressive fucktool as he strokes his own. Then Kamrun sits back so Aaron can return the favor. He groans and rolls his eyes, so Aaron must be doing something right. But a deal is a deal, so before long Kamrun is bracing himself, his beauty of a booty up in the air, the perfect target for Aaron to split open with his dick. All of Aaron’s big meaty muscles move as he throws himself into the fuck. Kamrun throws his big azz back to meet every thrust—but it’s all too intense to last for long. Aaron pulls out and the guys jack to climax, their godlike bodies rippling till their big dicks spit up a coupla cups of thug cream. Kamrun ain’t gettin’ nothin’ outta this deal except well-fucked—but that’s cool!

Aaron Ridge and KamrunAaron Ridge and KamrunAaron Ridge and Kamrun