Aaron Ridge and D.J.


D.J. is lying naked, facedown on the bed when Aaron Ridge comes home. D.J. wonders what kept him so long, but Aaron tells D.J to shut up and suck his dick, and D.J. doesn’t argue. Big beefy Aaron is a treat for the eyes in his wifebeater, his big dick thrusting out of his open jeans. But he’s even hotter when he strips down, grabs D.J.’s head and bangs it without mercy. Aaron rolls D.J. over on his back and opens the dude’s throat up, shoving his dick even deeper. He drop his nuts into his buddy’s mouth and bends to lick D.J.’s sizable tool. But soon D.J. is on all fours so Aaron can mount him from behind. D.J. buries his face in the mattress. Aaron fucks him so hard and deep that the sound of slapping flesh echoes throughout the room. The camera roams to give us a good look at Aaron’s beefy muscles in motion from every angle. When Aaron flips D.J. over and pins his legs to his chest, he can piston-fuck his bottom boi even deeper. Soon he’s dropping a well-earned load on D.J,’s chest. Then he feeds his latest bitch his dripping dick while D.J. strokes and explodes.

Aaron Ridge and D.J.Aaron Ridge and D.J.Aaron Ridge and D.J.