Adonis and Kidd


When Kidd breaks his bicycle, Adonis says he can fix it—but it will cost. Kidd’s smirk says he thinks Adonis’s price is a bargain. Up in Adonis’s room Kidd asks to see his dick. Adonis leans back on the bed and lets Kidd fish it out—damn! It’s big, brown, pretty and hard already. Kidd swallows it to the root, negotiating its wicked curve, smacking his lips as he sucks. A solid boi with thick sexy thighs, Adonis fucks Kidd’s face, then sucks him a bit before both guys sink into a 69. But Kidd is soon up on all fours so Adonis can bang him from behind. When Kidd rolls onto his back, Adonis can stroke Kidd’s dick in sync with his fuck-stroke. Kidd’s face betrays all the pleasure and pain of taking a big thick pole up his asshole. His dick twitches and sprays all over his belly. Adonis pulls out to jack a big sticky load all over Kidd’s chest. Adonis has hardly finished squirting and Kidd is bitching, “Now fix my bike!”

Adonis and KiddAdonis and KiddAdonis and Kidd