Altirique and Black Ice


For the first time in his life, Altirique is paying for sex. Black Ice, a sexy, sneering stud with a tight body, filthy mouth and alpha dawg manner, sprawls on the bed and makes fun of his client’s inexperience. But as soon as Altirique—pretty sexy himself with his liquid eyes, buzzed head and goatee—fumbles the rentboi’s big johnson out of his shorts, lust takes over and teaches him what to do. He sucks the big swelling dick as far down his throat as he can take it. Before long it’s stiff as a plank. Black Ice orders the john to strip and bend over, then eats out his fuzzy azz, smacks it and makes Altirique tell him how much he likes it. With his client’s fuckhole and his own fuckpole slick with spit, Black Ice slams Altirique down and mounts the bitch. In a grueling fuck, his hips move at two different speeds: fast and faster, banging Altirique across the bed, then banging him over a table. No matter what position Black Ice fucks him in, Altirique moans contentedly. Black Ice pulls out of his john’s well-stretched hole to deposit a load on his face. Altirique wraps his juicy lips around his hustler’s sticky dick and sucks it clean.

Altirique and Black IceAltirique and Black IceAltirique and Black Ice