Hot Boi, Billy Long and David Morino


David Morino, a sexy Latin guy with a buzzed head and tight body is sleeping on a park bench. Hot Boi, big, black and mean, wakes him up. David explains he hasn’t got the money, so Hot Boi drags David back to his place and forces him to suck his already-stiff black flagpole. David swallows it whole and strokes his own. Hot Boi moans—this cocksucker knows what he’s doing!--and bends to get a taste of David’s spicy fuckstick. Billy Long barges in. In his shades and wifebeater, Billy looks even meaner than Hot Boi. He demands that Hot Boi suck his dick, long, and thick and anchored by a pair of huge low-hangers. Hot Boi doesn’t argue. David sits back, takes in the sexy sight of Billy’s huge tool humping Hot Boi’s face and jacks himself. Sucking Billy’s cock gets Hot Boi so hot that he turns around and blows a surprise load all over David’s chest. David looks shocked and nuts himself. But Billy isn’t through with Hot Boi. He bends the bitch over and bangs him so hard that the room echoes with the slap of their bodies. All of Billy’s tight muscles ripple as he throws himself into the fuck until he just gotta nut—which he does, all over Hot Boi’s well-fucked azz.

Hot Boi, Billy Long and David MorinoHot Boi, Billy Long and David MorinoHot Boi, Billy Long and David Morino