Breion and Prophet


Breion Diomond is a tall and new brother from New Orleans. An 18 YO,6'1 brother, he has always known he loves fucking tight juicy thughole... his 9 inches of golden delicious dick are more than enough to satisfy you, and believe me he lives to satisfy. This Scorpio cant even keep his hands off himself, constantly touching his cock and nipples just to keep himself in the anxiety of expectancy, eyes always open for that next sexual adventure...
Here we see him giving all he's got to Prophet, our slim Jim from Harlem. This little thug makes no attempt at hiding the fact that he loves dick, yet he is definitely more than a man and can hold his own. At 20 years of age he has seen enough of the streets and tough life to know what he wants and shamelessly pursue it. Breion and Prohpet are getting down, Breion sucking every last drop out of Prophets juicy and luscious cock, and then ramming his thick rod into Prophet, and Prophet loving every minute of it.

Breion and ProphetBreion and ProphetBreion and Prophet