Carmello and Kidd


When a break-in goes wrong, Carmello threatens to beat the shit out of the Kidd—but settles for taking his ass instead. Carmello spreads the Kidd out on the bed and rips his clothes off. To prime the Kidd’s ass, Carmello buries his face in the Kidd’s fuzzy crack and gets him good and wet. But nothing could prepare the Kidd for the rough fuck he’s lucky enough to get from a true love-thug. The fierce coupling doesn’t keep these guys from kissing the whole way through. For a while they even curl up for a juicy mutual blowjob. But mostly Carmello plows away, the camera admiring his own furry hole and banging low-hangers. His supple hips slam his big tool home until neither guy can survive any more. Carmello and Kidd both spurt all over.

Carmello and KiddCarmello and KiddCarmello and Kidd