Chase and Jesse


Chase, lean and dark, and Jessy, beefy and caramel-colored, make a hot-looking couple. In a motel room they’re looking down on New York’s Puerto Rican Day Parade. They just got back from the parade themselves and all the fine men on display have got Chase horned up. Jessy opens his jeans and offers Chase a taste of real man. In front of the open window, Chase falls to his knees and sucks on Jessy’s fat piece. When Chase drops his pants and gets up onto the bed on all fours, Jessy sinks his tongue into Chase’s open hole for as juicy a rimjob as you’ll ever see. With the city skyline as a backdrop, Jessy stands behind Chase and sinks his fuckpole into his buddy’s slick hole. His fine broad chest and big upper arms are a network of sexy tattoos. Chase’s black boner waves in appreciation to Jessy’s every thrust. When Jessy flips Chase onto his back and folds him in half, he can suck his bitch’s toes even as he fucks his azz. When the sensations get too intense for him to hold out any longer, Jessy pulls out and squirts a cup-worth of cream onto Chase’s face, even as Chase unloads all over himself.

Chase and JesseChase and JesseChase and JesseChase and JesseChase and JesseChase and Jesse