Chocolate and Isaiah


Chocolate met Isaiah on his way to the dance studio early one morning. He was struck by the sexiness of his walk, and decided he would try and seduce him. As Isaiah plied his trade at the newstand, Chocolate approached, picking up a magazine. Their eyes met, and Chocolate hoped Isaiah felt the lust he did. As Isaiah handed C. his change, their hands brushed against one another, and C. felt a current of electricity. Chocolate walked away thinking to himself that he would stop by every morning on his way to the studio until he got him in his bed. As C. went to put his change away, he noticed a scrap of paper- it was a phone number! As soon as he got home from the studio, C. Called I. and invited him over for dinner that night. They barely ate their food as they caressed each others hand, eyes locked. C. stood up and led I. to his bedroom, where he began gently removing his clothing. They stroked each others cocks as they nibbled, sucked and licked every part of their bodies, thighs moist and hot. C. was getting hornier by the minute, moving I.'s hand to his firm, round ass, begging him to play with his hole. They got into the 69 position and commenced eating tasty ass. Finally C. could not control himself, he turned around and sat straight on I's dick, and both of them moaned in delight. As C. rode I, moving up and down as quickly as he could, I. closed his eyes and saw stars. This was definitely not your average dinner! Their fucking became intense as sweat began pouring down their bodies. I. was grabbing C.'s thighs as he came closer and closer to climax, and when C. let out a yell of ecstasy I. knew to release his thick manjuice. Their lust knew no bounds that night, as they sucked and stroked and fucked each other until the sheets were stained with cum.

Chocolate and IsaiahChocolate and IsaiahChocolate and Isaiah