City Boi and Caleb










After a night of partying, City Boy finds himself in bed with horny, tattooed, smooth-talking Caleb.  He isn’t City Boy’s boyfriend, but the boyfriend is nowhere in sight, so City Boy lets Caleb work his big and growing cock out of his fly.  Dude proves right away he knows what to do with his mouth.  City Boy bounces Caleb’s head up and down his huge tool like a basketball, standing up on the bed so he can plunge deeper down Caleb’s throat.  When City Boy spanks and fingers Caleb’s big meaty booty, we know there’s only one thing on his mind.  Caleb flips onto his back, lifts his legs to his chest and shows off his hole.  City Boy uses his slick fuckstick to open up his new bitch’s pretty azz and pound it.  Caleb grunts and gasps and scrunches his face.  Fucking is hard work, and both guys get all sweaty.  Caleb gets up on all fours and throws his hungry azz back at his fucker.  City Boy smacks it and hammers it harder until he pulls his big throbber out and glazes his bottom boi’s face like it’s a cake. 


City Boi and CalebCity Boi and CalebCity Boi and Caleb