KB and Corey Corey


KB and Corey Corey are shooting hoops when Corey pulls a hamstring muscle.  Inside, KB tells Corey to get naked.  Dude does as he’s told, then hops up onto the massage table, facedown.  KB starts rubbing on Corey’s azz.  “Ooh, that hit the spot,” he says.  When Corey gets a boner, KB decides that means Corey wants to suck his big dick—and pretty soon that’s just what he’s doing.  KB climbs up onto the table the better to fuck Corey’s face.  Soon KB the booty bandit has flipped Corey over and climbed on top of him.  Corey groans in protest but it’s no use.  KB has already lodged his rod inside his hole and is pumping away.  When Corey sits on KB’s big hard butt-wrecker, he looks like he’s in pain.  But the whole time he rides, his own stiff boner flops around and tells us he’s feeling fine.  After fucking Corey silly in every position he can think of, KB pulls his big dick out and paints his partner’s surprised face white. 



KB and Corey CoreyKB and Corey CoreyKB and Corey Corey