Dameon and Jazz


Dameon is shaving when Jazz barges into the bathroom and steps into the shower. When Jazz invites him in, Dameon quickly loses the towel and joins him. They stroke each other’s sizable cocks and kiss under the spray until Jazz goes to his knees and takes Dameon into his mouth. This juicy blowjob moves to the bedroom. Dameon stands on the bed, twists his roommate’s nipples and fucks his face. When the guys curl into a circle so they can each get a mouthful of dick, Dameon fingers Jazz’s hole, getting it ready. With Jazz on his back, knees raised, Dameon slowly stuffs his roommate full of man-meat. Jazz curses and pulls on his hard-on. When Jazz gets up on all fours, Dameon fucks him from behind, sinking onto his roommate and just moving his pounding hips. Dameon’s still getting fucked when he strokes off a load. Then Dameon huffs and puffs and smiles even as orgasm jerks through his body. And why not? It’s been a blast!

Dameon and JazzDameon and JazzDameon and Jazz