JD and Demitri


Dmitri and JD are sitting on the couch smoking. They start kissing and making out. Dmitri blows JD and strips him, before taking his own clothes off. He eats his ass and then fucks his mouth. They move to the bed, and JD eagerly gets on his stomach so he can get his asshole stretched out! Dimitri gives JD a wild thug fucking, then blows a huge wad on JD’s stomach as Tyon unfortunately arrives too late to join in! 

Tiger, dressed only in a hot red robe, does a slow sensuous strip tease, eventually taking the robe off so he can oil his gorgeous young body up, then he gives us some of his famous strip moves, all the while jacking to the music until he cums, spraying a huge nut everywhere!

JD and DemitriJD and DemitriJD and Demitri