Dillon and Draygen


Dillon, asleep in bed, gets a call.  Draygen needs a place to stay for the night.  With a boner flopping around in his boxers, Dillon lets Draygen in.  “You’ll have to be my bitch tonight,” Dillon drawls and pushes Draygen’s head down on his dick.  With Dillon’s rod now ready for the main event, Draygen lies facedown.  Dillon straddles his body and squats, grabbing his head and drilling his hole in the flick’s roughest fuck.  Dillon stands, holds Draygen upside down by his feet and plunges downward.  When Draygen falls to floor, Dillon throws him a pillow and nails him there.  Pulling his partner’s legs like he’s a wishbone, Dillon twists him to fit how he wants to fuck, until he pulls out and drenches Draygun’s upturned butt in boi butter.  While Dillon showers, Draygen replays the fuck in his head and jacks till he spills.

Dillon and DraygenDillon and DraygenDillon and DraygenDillon and DraygenDillon and DraygenDillon and Draygen