Dillon Five-Way


Buddies X Factor, Indio and Redd Foxx come together for a HOMECOMING.  Johnny Blaze, just back from the war, is hardly in the door when X Factor goes to his knees and pulls the GI’s dick out of his camouflage pants.  It’s the kind of juicy welcome that makes a man‘s pride swell.  On the couch Redd Foxx, feeling lonely, goes down on Indio.  This double blowjob shifts position so each cocksucker can lean over an arm of the couch and chow down.  That’s when Dillon bursts in on the scene, naked and ready to go.  Eying Dillon’s prime piece, Johnny and Indio retreat to the sidelines.  With a foot on the floor and a knee on the couch, Dillon bangs Redd Foxx facedown.  Then he pumps X factor full of fuck-tool.  Redd Foxx dumps a load on the humping couple, then Dillon hoses his butt-boy down before X Factor gives it up and splatters all over


Dillon Five-WayDillon Five-WayDillon Five-Way