Dillon and Haze


Dillon and Haze, fresh from a game of b-ball, come back to Dillon's room so Dillon can show off all his high school trophies. Dillon's bare-chested and his jeans hang low. He's also playing with his dick. When Dillon explains all the stress he's been under, Haze offers him release.
Dillon stands Haze against the wall, checks out his big black azz and smacks it. Haze never gets a chance to wet Dillon's dick. Instead he finds himself lying face-down on the bed as Dillon pushes his big fat tool into the hole he finds deep in Haze's asscrack.
Haze rides Dillon's hot piston for a while. But Dillon likes to be in control. He pushes Haze back down on the bed and pounds him. Sometimes Dillon fucks from a squat so he can drill deep. Sometimes he stands on the floor so he can fuck hard. When he pulls out of Haze's love tunnel, he raps his big fuck-tool over Haze's lips as Haze strokes his own big bone. Both men grunt and nut.

Dillon and HazeDillon and HazeDillon and Haze