Dillon and Kidd


Dillon is still in bed and still hungry for booty.  This time the service sends him a cute, fast-talking wiseass, Kidd.  After haggling about price, Kidd licks Dillon’s hard body up and down, pulls down his shorts and sucks his big fuck-stick stiff.  “No female can do it like this,” Kidd boasts and surrenders his fine booty.  And no one can do an ass like Dillon can.  Once he pokes his pole through Kidd’s straining asshole, he takes the guy’s thighs and rotates him slowly for a corkscrew fuck in every position known to man.  Kidd likes it so much that he nuts while getting his ass pounded,  Dillon stands so Kidd can lap at his balls as he jacks onto Kidd’s sticky chest.  When Kidd tries to give the money for his services back to Dillon, he finds it’s already been taken.


Dillon and KiddDillon and KiddDillon and Kidd