Dillon and Onyx


Damn, it’s hot. Dillon has his head under the running tap while Onyx checks out all the photos that Dillon has taped up to the kitchen cabinets. Onyx is disappointed: there’s no shots of Dillon—naked. Dillon can do better than a pic of his dick. He pushes down his pants and delivers the real thing. Onyx delivers too when he goes down on Dillon. Even after his buddy has swollen to 10 fat inches of fuckpole, he manages to just about swallow it all. Dillon ups the stakes when he pushes Onyx back on the table, lifts his legs and plows his furry furrow balls-deep. Just for variety Dillon drags Onyx to the couch and plugs him from behind. Onyx is lapping at Dillon’s nuts when Dillon gives up his nut—and Onyx is right behind him. Dillon snaps a post-fuck pic of Onyx to add to his gallery of bitches, then lets Onyx get a shot of the dick that just did him. Who says porn can’t be art?

Dillon and OnyxDillon and OnyxDillon and Onyx