Dillon and CJ Pt1


CJ and Dillon each lie on a different bed. CJ is telling someone on the other end of the phone that he wants to suck Dillon’s killer piece but doesn’t know how to go about it. Soon as he hangs up, CJ makes his move, pulling his roomie’s undershorts down over his big hard dick. Yeah, Dillon’s awake now. With his fine features and perfect proportions, CJ’s as sexy as any man in the business. Dillon pistol-whips the pretty boi’s face with dick. Unfazed, CJ waits for the storm to blow over then goes on sucking. Dillon slams CJ down onto his back and does pushups into his mouth-hole. Lithe and athletic, Dillon makes CJ his receptacle, fucking his butt in more positions than you’ll find in any sex manual. But CJ is licking his fucker’s balls when Dillon blows his load. Dillon helps CJ get his nut by fucking his face.

Dillon and CJ Pt1Dillon and CJ Pt1Dillon and CJ Pt1