Dillon and Gio


With his square jaw and his hard body, Gio looks like a little prize-fighter.  But when his buddy Dillon gets him behind closed doors, Gio is not too proud to drop to his knees and pay his respects to the bigger man.  Dillon, an athlete himself, somersaults onto his back on the bed and accepts Gio’s heartfelt oral adoration.  While Gio sucks, he strips and Dillon gives his fuzzy butt a slap.  That’s just a preview of what’s to come.  Up on all fours on the bed, Gio moans like the bitch Dillon makes him when his buddy stuffs his split full of dick.  Dillon flips Gio around so he can fuck him some more, then curls him up on his spine and drills him deeper.  After a ferocious workout, Dillon holds Gio down and pops a wad on his chest.  Gio whacks fast and sends rope after rope of the sticky stuff up his heaving torso.

Dillon and GioDillon and GioDillon and GioDillon and GioDillon and GioDillon and Gio