Double R and Chaos


For FULLHOUSE STRIP POKER, Double R shuffles the cards, deals and loses. Still he somehow wins his partner’s ass! Chaos must know that Double R fucks as good as he packs. Instead of putting up an argument, he’s down on his knees getting Double R’s big jimmy all stiff and slick for the final hand. Double R, his muscular torso rippling, pushes Chaos down on the bed, straddles his chest and lowers his nuts into the winner’s mouth before fucking his face without mercy. Chaos is on all fours when he takes Double R’s party-of-one up the ass, but the ferocious ride takes him all over the tiny room. Don’t feel too sorry for Chaos, though. The big sticky load he blows tells us he’s having fun, even when Double R pulls the guy’s head off his love-gun and shoots on his grateful face.

Double R and ChaosDouble R and ChaosDouble R and Chaos