Double R and Joshua


Pretty Joshua's apartment has sprung a leak. Double R is there to plug it - well, to plug something. Double R takes off his toolbelt and lets Joshua pull out this plumber's most exceptional tool. As Joshua sucks, the camera shows us his fine ass. Once Double R's dick is hard and wet, he takes that ass, first from behind, then flipping Joshua for a face-to-face fuck. Before shifting to the next position, Double R sits on Joshua's face and feeds him his nuts. He puts Joshua on the floor and rolls him up on his back so his ass points skyward and he can drill the open hole. Double R's rippling body looks hotter the harder he fucks. After he plugs Joshua's mouth again, Double R pulls out and strokes out a load, and Joshua leans back and jacks to a juicy climax.

Double R and JoshuaDouble R and JoshuaDouble R and Joshua