Double R and Kidd Kaj


At Double R's HOME GYM, he's working his muscular body on the bench press. Kidd Kaj, standing behind him, wants to be as big as Double R. But when it's the Kidd Kaj's turn to press, he reaches instead for the big black sausage hanging down the leg of Double R's gym pants. It takes both men to haul it out. >From the bench the Kidd Kaj nurses the big thick piece till it's stiff. His lean tight body fits well with Double R's pumped muscle. Double R is now primed to give Kidd Kaj a killer workout, splitting him in two with his fuckpole, lifting his legs and dicking him slow and deep. The young pup gets so excited that he squirts all over himself. Double R plows on till he's ready to pop-which he does all over the Kidd Kaj's ripe butt.

Double R and Kidd KajDouble R and Kidd KajDouble R and Kidd Kaj