Double R and Kidd


Of all the cute, frisky pups in the Pitbull dawg pound, Kidd has the best nose for big dick. Double R is taking a nap when Kidd busts in, claiming he’s looking for a girl—yeah, right! Kidd has met his match in Double R, a man with the best nose for azz there is. The pole in Double R’s pants comes to life. Hey, it’s wake-up time! “Why don’t you suck my dick?” he barks. Kidd slurps and purrs, “How pretty it is!” Once Double R’s stiff he lifts the Kidd’s prize ass, puts it down on a pillow, plugs it full of fuck-tool and pounds it in more positions than Kidd has seen in all his young life. Kidd shows his appreciation by making lots of noise, and Double R himself never stops talking dirty. As Double R gives his textbook fuck, he likes to check himself out in the mirror. His washboard gut and fine ass flex as his big fat dick jackhammers deep. When he finally pulls out, he orders Kidd to lick his nuts and delivers the hungry boi a faceful of thick thug jizz.

Double R and KiddDouble R and KiddDouble R and Kidd