Double R and Ray


Double R wakes with morning wood. He moves to his computer and taps with one hand while the other rubs the restless anaconda in his boxers. On the monitor, Ray, naked and slick, is taking a shower. Back and forth the camera catches Double R and Ray jacking. In a nifty switch, Ray ditches the shower—and walks in on Double R! Ray goes down on Double R’s stiff business, sticking up out of his shorts, and blows slow and deep in the flick’s juiciest hummer. Double R sits back and accepts the intruder’s oral adoration—until it’s time to rubber up. Head in the mattress and ass up, Ray endures his slow penetration. Double R really throws his big round ass—as perfect as his big thick bone—into a long hot fuck. Ray, impaled, thrashes on the bed. When Double R at last explodes, he sprays Ray’s lips. Ray’s own load squirts up his belly.

Double R and RayDouble R and RayDouble R and Ray