Double R and Sylk










The computer that pretty-boi Sylk gives to Double R isn’t the one he ordered.  But Double R is prepared to forget the mistake if Sylk surrenders his azz instead.  He sits on the spiral stairway and lets Sylk unzip his fly, pull out his big uncut dick and suck.  When Double R stands so he can fuck face, both guys strip.  Double R pushes Sylk facedown onto the leather couch and hops on top, just pumping his fuzzy ass at first.  But Double R likes it rough, and soon he’s yelling and pulling Sylk’s head back.  After a punishing fuck—smooth as Sylk meets doubly rough—Double R gets Sylk to suck him some more before he hoses down his latest butt-boi’s chest.  He leaves Sylk to rub out a creamy rope alone. 



Double R and SylkDouble R and SylkDouble R and Sylk