Double R and Tre Xavier


Double R, sitting back and eating chicken wings, brags about how big his boner is. His buddy Tre Xavier calls him on it. Dudes settle this dispute by pulling their big boyz out of their pants and working them up. R talks Tre into sucking on his dick for inspiration—and it works! Confronted with R’s bone-hard evidence, even Tre has to admit he’s been beat. So this big man bends over and takes an even bigger man up the ass. Tre wails but it doesn’t matter. R uses his beautifully muscled body to deliver a fuck with a punch. Between bouts of heavy-duty butt-banging, Tre gets down on his knees and nurses like a hungry calf on R’s bull-dick—and hey, this bull gives milk! A fountain of it gushes all over Tre.

Double R and Tre XavierDouble R and Tre XavierDouble R and Tre Xavier