Hench Ramos and Justin Black


Hench Ramos, a fast-talking Latin boi, and Justin Blade, a sly, laid-back thug are playing cards. Lose a hand, you lose an article of clothing. Pretty soon Hench has nothing left to take off. So Justin takes what he wants, taking Hench’s pretty dick in his hungry mouth. Hench gasps and thrusts his hips. Justin strokes his big black boner while he sucks. Hench wants a taste of that thing, so Justin stands and eases his throbbing piece in and out of Hench’s open throat. When Hench leans over the divan and sticks out his ass, Justin gets the message and licks it out till it’s wet and ready. Hench groans when Justin drills him full of thug dick, then flips him over, lifts his legs and drills him deeper. When Justin strokes his bottom boi’s boner, it’s too much for Hench: his body spasms and sends up a thick rope of jizz. And that’s too much for Justin: he pulls out of Hench and christens him with a load of rich cream.

Hench Ramos and Justin BlackHench Ramos and Justin BlackHench Ramos and Justin Black