Jason Tiya and Haze


Haze is raiding the fridge. Out the window he sees there's a naked man in the pool! So what d'you do? When the nude dude is hung like this one and happens to have the hottest bod you've ever seen-round ass, thick legs, ripped abs, pumped chest, and all covered in rich dark chocolate-you hit on him! Jason Tiya's descending the ladder from the pool and already Haze has the guy's fat tool in his mouth. Both retire inside and resume the action in bed, Jason sprawled out and Haze slurping. Haze's hungry tongue must trip a switch. Jason seizes Haze, flips him around and mounts him from behind, leaning all his weight on his arms so his fluid hips can pound Haze's big brown azz. After a few more flips Haze sits on his invader and only pulls off in time to take a load in the face. As he jacks himself to climax Jason's still dripping all over him.

Jason Tiya and HazeJason Tiya and HazeJason Tiya and Haze