Daz and Jazz


Despite his name, Jazz is trying to teach his roommate Daz a little classical piano.  Daz sounds flat and asks if they can play some Snoop instead.  Actually, Daz’s own pet dawg is raising its big snout and howling for a little attention.  Jazz gets the message, goes to his knees and chows down on Daz’s morning sausage, bobbing up and down so fast that he gets a little light-headed.  After the action shifts to the bed, Daz pumps his hips and fucks Jazz’s face so hard that his roommate just has to surrender and give up his nut, splashing his thick cream all over his own hard gut.  Daz pulls out of his buddy’s satisfied mouth and sprays around more than a little love of his own. 


Daz and JazzDaz and JazzDaz and Jazz