Jeremy Blast and Shawty Black


You can almost smell the bacon as the camera zooms in to catch Shawty Black making a fantastic country breakfast for his lover. From the size of the meal you know the dude has to be a big guy and Jeremy Blast fits the bill, standing 6’2” with the kind of muscular ass that makes you honry and envious at the same time! Jeremy is taking a long, leisurely shower, soaping up his long black dick and paying special attention to his fuzzy nuts. When he’s done, he’s ready for a blow job, the breakfast of thugz, so the bacon and eggs go on the back burner. Shawty gets to his knees and deep throats Jeremy’s rod until it’s rigid and spit shined, ready to split his ass cheeks in two! Pancake syrup’s not the only sticky thing on the kitchen floor.

Jeremy Blast and Shawty BlackJeremy Blast and Shawty BlackJeremy Blast and Shawty Black