Jessy and Angel Boi


Jessy, a big, sexy caramel-colored thug has mad tats running up his arms and across his chest and face. He’s lying back on the bed, telling Angel Boi to prove he can suck dick as good as he says. The Boi fishes Jessy’s big floppy tubesteak out of his jeans and sucks it stiff. Jessy stands on the bed, grabs Angel Boi by the back of the head and fucks his face. Angel Boi has a fine, lean body, a pretty booty and dark, lustrous skin. While he blows Jessy his own big boner wags like a puppy’s tail. When Jessy eats out his fuzzy azz, he sinks his face into a pillow but we still can hear him moan. Jessy follows his tongue with two fat fingers and then his big hard dick. “Give it to me!” Angel Boi grunts, head down, butt in the air. Jessy positioned behind him, does just that and more. These guys are made for each other: Jessy never stops fucking and Angel Boi never stops groaning encouragement, louder and louder, through several positions. When the guys need to nut, Jessy pulls out. Just as Angel Boi is spouting a load of cream, Jessy unloads a sticky mess of his own all over Angel Boi’s face.

Jessy and Angel BoiJessy and Angel BoiJessy and Angel Boi