Justin Blade and Orion Cross


Sexy black stud Justin Blade and cute boi Orion Cross have broken into a house. When they don’t find anything to steal, Justin wants to split. But Orion has another idea: he reaches for Justin’s crotch, massages the oversized bulge he finds there, then sucks the swelling dick he uncovers down to the base. When Orion flops down on the bed, Justin fishes his buddy’s dick out of his shorts and has a lick. After the guys kick off their pants, Orion, on his hands and knees, spreads his creamy azz wide and groans “Oh yeah!” when Justin uses a tongue and a finger to get his furry hole wet and loose. When the guys crawl into a 69, Justin keeps eating Orion’s azz while Orion spit-lubes his buddy’s impressive tool. Justin pushes Orion’s knees to his shoulders, rolls his sloppy asshole into view and splits it with his swollen fuckstick. Orion grunts and groans his way through a series of fuck positions, tossing his head around, clawing the bedspread. When Justin can’t take it any more, he pulls out of Orion’s clutching azz and christens his buddy with streams of jizz. Orion howls and sends ropes of sticky white stuff up his heaving gut.

Justin Blade and Orion CrossJustin Blade and Orion CrossJustin Blade and Orion Cross