Kamrun and D.J.


Cocky Kamrun wants to pimp his buddy D.J. ‘s sexy azz but decides to try out the product out first. D.J.’s down with that. He unzips Kamrun’s jeans so Kamrun can hump his face. But as soon as his big dick is hard and wet, Kamrun bends D.J. over and tongue-fucks his pretty butt. D.J. arches his back and moans—and moans even louder when Kamrun punches his big fat fuckstick through D.J.’s spit-slick fuckhole. The camera pulls back to let us admire these two hot bodies in action, then gets in so close we can just about feel the heat of two sexy beasts in rut. D.J. lies back and lifts his legs so Kamrun can hammer him deep. His non-stop whimper tells us Kamrun is one fine cocksman—which we can see for ourselves. When he’s pushed past the point of no return, Kamrun pulls out of D.J.’s ass and sprays him with jizz. The load D.J. pops all over himself just doubles the sticky mess.

Kamrun and D.J.Kamrun and D.J.Kamrun and D.J.