Da Bod and Kavasia


Da Bod is working out when his buddy Kavasia stops by the gym. Da Bod is pissed. “Man, this dude I’ve been seeing is really fucking me up. I’ve been paying his rent but I’m sure he’s cheating on me so last night I followed his ass and guess what? He’s cheating with a woman! Dude must be bi-sexual, he sure ain’t gay!” Cracking a grin, Kavasia explains, “Man, a gay guy would suck your dick for free! Come over to my place for a drink.” Once home, Da Bod asks if he can  take a shower? Kavasia agrees. Da Bod’s gorgeous body covered in soapsuds brings out the voyeur in all of us and Kavasia’s no exception. Butt naked, he joins Da Bod, kissing the thug before sucking Da Bod’s already swollen joint. The two take turns spit shining each other’s knobs, then Da Bod moves his boi out of the shower and positions him over the john, ass pushed up and out, ready for a doggie-style assault. Kavasia takes every hard inch Da Bod has to offer, pumping his butt back on the rigid fuck stick with fervor. Craving even deeper penetration, Da Bod pushes Kavasia onto his back on the sink, where he can pound his tight asshole even harder and faster. A large mirror over the sink gives you an erotic.. double image of the action, which finally heats up to the money shot. Back in the shower, Kavasia cums first, coating his belly with several loads of jizz. Da Bod joins in, spraying his joy juice all over his darker skinned torso, a load that looks good enough to eat!

Da Bod and KavasiaDa Bod and KavasiaDa Bod and Kavasia