Komplex, J Wheels and Stash


Stash and J Wheels starts playing ping-pong. When they lose the ball, they decide to sit down, stuffing themselves into a very small couch, where Komplex, long and lean, is already sitting. With nothing better to do, the dudes start playing with their dicks. Since space is so tight, it’s only natural they play with each other’s too. Komplex has a tool just as long as he is, but way fatter, and little Stash’s cock is nearly as big. When Stash stands up and goes down on Komplex, J plays with his cute, firm booty. Soon as he’s lubed him up, Komplex pushes his big hard rod up inside Stash, who bends over to suck J’s johnson. Komplex rolls Stash up on the couch so his hole shows, then he plugs it. When the guys finally break apart, they jack till they can’t stand it anymore. With his lean body heaving and big hose pumping, Komplex is last to pop.

Komplex, J Wheels and StashKomplex, J Wheels and StashKomplex, J Wheels and Stash