Kriz and Blue Ice


Kriz is hot for Blue Ice ever since he heard the dude’s got a big one. Ice in turn plays it cool, dropping his drawers, telling Kriz he can look but can’t touch. But Kris talks his way well past a feel, sucking his buddy stiff, even as they both strip for the main event. Ice pushes Kriz back, lifts his legs, probes his hole with his tool—as big as promised—and pushes in. Ice, a real sexual athlete, stands on the floor as he fucks, legs planted wide and firm ass grinding away. Kriz grunts his appreciation, even when Ice lifts his ass over the arm of the couch so he can pound it harder and deeper. When Kriz gets up on all fours, Ice nails him from behind long and hard until he can take no more. Ice dismounts and sprays Kriz sticky. Kriz pulls on his own dick and gets everything stickier.

Kriz and Blue IceKriz and Blue IceKriz and Blue Ice