Lion and Dark Angel


Dark Angel’s shopping for a new apartment and this is his lucky day. Lion’s got a great place to show him and the price is right. Dark Angel wants to make sure the place has the right ambiance for a sexy crib. He gives Lion the eye, strips and offers up his chocolate dick for some oral attention. Lion will do anything to close the deal, including offering up his Latin ass to Dark Angel’s black dildo. Angel just happens to have it in his bag. The sex gets kinky as we watch Lion’s face contort while inch after inch of the dildo is pushed up his asshole. Compelling camera angles show us Angel stroking his cock and keeping rhythm with the thrusting of the dildo he’s using on Lion. Oops, Angel’s gotta cum. He sprays his thug juice all over Lion’s ass cheeks. It’s Lion’s turn to cum. Dark Angel happily sucks cock until the crucial moment when Lion pulls out of his mouth to shower his chest with cum. Looks like they have a deal!

Lion and Dark AngelLion and Dark AngelLion and Dark Angel