Love of the Dick 5: Poke Ya Azz Up!


LOVE OF THE DICK 5 – POKE YA AZZ UP! Winner of the Golden Rod Award!

Tuff thug sex! The hugest cocks ever seen! XXX-treme anal action! Dillon and Supreme are ending a long day at the office when janitor Kidd Kaj arrives to clean up. An intense threesome takes place when Supreme shows everyone his 11-inch mop stick!

Across town, Chaos and Rhythm are planning a birthday party. Blowing up balloons turns into blowing dick big time, till Chaos plays butt plug with his dick up Chaos’ smooth ass cheeks. Then Papo & Phyre arrive to lend a hand, mouth, dick and an asshole to the festivities!

Next day, Supreme invites Lil Jay over to read their horoscopes. Being Supreme, he takes the zodiac into his own hands and shows Lil Jay with his 11-inch dick exactly what the stars have in store for him!

That weekend, Latin hottie Sylk meets Supreme at the Puerto Rican Day parade. Supreme shows Sylk how to really raise his flag, fucking Sylk into moaning submission.