T Malone and Camron


Camron sits back on the bed to enjoy a private show: T. Malone’s striptease. But T. is only wearing a leopard skin bathing suit, so there’s soon nothing more to strip out of. For the rest of T.’s performance he relies on his mouth and ass. He gets Camron out of his pants and sucks his big dick, but only until the guy is hard enough to poke his ass. T. is on all fours when big, beefy Camron mounts him from behind and pounds away at his big padded ass so hard that the bed creaks and T. has to yell out. The camera gets close to the action and each man’s juiciest parts. Camron is flat on his back and T. is riding his fuckpole hard when Camron blows his load.

T Malone and CamronT Malone and CamronT Malone and Camron