T Malone, Juicy and Pinga


Papa Pinga is a big black hunk and his buddy Juicy is a tight, street-wise white-boy. They recognize the notorious porn star T Malone while he’s catching rays poolside. T says Papa should be making porn. So in the whirlpool he pulls Papa’s big pinga from his shorts—damn it’s big!—and sucks it while Juicy plays with his own. Audition over, T takes the guys to his room where he wiggles his renowned booty for guests and camera alike. T positions his new friends on the bed so he can chow down on both. With Papa’s piece hard now, T lies facedown so Papa can pierce his ripe rump and pump it, leaving T’s head free to give Juicy a hummer. When Pinga pulls out, he creams T’s booty. Feeling suddenly empty, T fills his mouth with Juicy’s pink toes until Pinga feeds him his recovering dick. Hard again, Papa slips his stiffy between T’s cheeks when the star lifts his heels. Before long Pinga is busting another nut across T’s luscious buns. While T sucks Juicy’s jewels, the guy jacks, shoots and then wipes his dick across T’s appreciative lips. T saves the best for last, blowing a sticky tsunami up his torso.

T Malone, Juicy and PingaT Malone, Juicy and PingaT Malone, Juicy and Pinga