T Malone and Rikko


Rikko is asleep. Enter T Malone who, true to form, starts playing with Rikko’s hard piece. Rikko wakes up, resists—but it feels so good. T undoes Rikko’s pants, fishes out his uncut piece and sucks it stiff while Rikko plays with T’s butt. When Malone goes face down and ass up, Rikko kisses, licks and nips at T’s meaty booty. With Rikko lying back, T straddles him, takes his hard pole up the chute and rides hard. Rikko rolls T onto his back so he can really pound his ass. When T moves to his belly, his big flexed butt is a thing of beauty. The springs squeak as Rikko drives it like a piston. He pulls out and strokes a loud load onto T’s hungry face.  As T settles back on Rikko’s shoulder, he squirts on his belly. 


T Malone and RikkoT Malone and RikkoT Malone and Rikko