T and Marshawn


With his soul patch, ‘do rag and ear stud, T is slender but sly. And so, though Marshawn is beefier, he’s the one who gets fucked. He makes a dive for T’s dick and sucks it in, even while the guys are still getting out of their clothes. Once they’re naked, T pushes Marshawn back on the bed and fucks his face. Once T’s johnson is hard and wet, Marshawn can sink to his face, ass up, so T can take him from behind and fuck him furiously. T drills his butt boy to the bed and later pins his legs back to his chest so he can pile-drive deeper. When he pulls out, he strokes his dick as his fuck buddy sucks his nuts. T fingers the ass he’s just plundered till he pops.

T and MarshawnT and MarshawnT and MarshawnT and MarshawnT and MarshawnT and Marshawn