Matt and Leo


At an outdoor bar amid lush vegetation, long, lean, sexy Matt has ordered a drink.  Bartender Leo, wearing only his snug swimsuit, brings it with a smile, and a kiss.  Soon these guys are swapping tongues, eating each other up, groping for more and more.  Leo cums out from behind the bar to free Matt’s big boner from his tented trunks—and to give it a warm welcome with his hungry mouth.  On his knees, Leo has no trouble taking Matt’s grateful tool to the root, and Matt doesn’t hesitate to fuck his cocksucker’s face as hard and deep as he wants to.  Matt orders Leo up off his knees and out into the sun so the world can see him drill the bartender’s lush azz on the tiled patio.  The fuck is as infectious as the rhythmic Brazilian soundtrack, picking up speed and intensity when Matt slams Leo over the railing and pounds him from behind, hips moving furiously.  Leo’s big, bobbing, no-hands boner lets us know what a skilled cocksman his fucker is.  He rides Matt’s rod so hard that the slap of their bodies becomes the scene’s loudest percussion.  The bottom boi gasps and babbles in mindless pleasure, never more than when Matt pulls out and pays his tab by hosing Leo down with blast after blast of steamy man-cream.

Matt and LeoMatt and LeoMatt and LeoMatt and LeoMatt and LeoMatt and LeoMatt and LeoMatt and LeoMatt and Leo