Mello and Nemesis


Mello & Nemesis met at an Atlanta gay pride labor day weekend fest where they became acquaintances in lust. Mello seduced Nemesis back to his penthouse suite with his unique beauty. There Mello was very passionate to his young prey, hugging him, kissing him, massaging him, feeding him grapes like Nemesis was royalty, until he accidentally dropped a wet grape between the crack of Nemesis's ass cheeks. Mello gripped Nemesis ass to gently curl his wet, juicy tongue between the crack of his ass to remove the grape. The touch of Mello's tongue instantly started a riot within Nemesis, who wanted to get extremely sexual, which is exactly what Mello had in store all the time. Mello began stroking his young prey until he just couldn't take it anymore, and began to feed Nemesis his cock until cum was ready to drip on the booty cakes.

Mello and NemesisMello and NemesisMello and Nemesis