Nokk, Dre, and B


NOKK, DRE, & B are all best friends who travel down to Detroit ,Michigan to have a good old times of non stop fun and excitement but end up getting in a threesome, after getting mad scummy drunk. Nokk is from Chicago, Dre is from Gary Indiana, and B is From Kenosha, Wisconsin, all live close by... They had never had sex together b4 and been best friends for decades! These Natural three drunk thugs childhood freakz from the hood who packing and slinging heavy in there boxers above average 9.5 to 10.5 inches of man eater and eye catcher of dick. All begin when they all join forces at the Detroit greyhound bus station after not seeing each other in about 3 years, notice a change in each other, the change was they all groom for the best in appearance and attraction as they embrace in a close group hug. After going out to eat in a fast food restaurant near the hotel they was stayin in, they end up chattin about the good and bad times they share while gettin mad drunk, to the point of them being out of control. All of sudden after the liquor of being drunk contaminated there body, begin feelin freaky and wanted to touch, kiss, grind, and just to be close again, not only friendly but intimate. B end up bangin Dre in His nice Phat Ass that stay wet, while Nokk was jaggin off his 10 inches of master blaster of cock. B was so over excited, he just slam his cock down Dre throat until Dre responded by chewin and deep throat that big long pipe. The out come of the trip was these three participate in the rapp competition they came to Detroit for and won, on top of that Nokk & Dre became lover and now live 2gether..

Nokk, Dre, and BNokk, Dre, and BNokk, Dre, and B