Sho-Nuff and Dyllan


Dyllan sees an escort ad, feels a twinge and gives Sho-Nuff a call. Good choice! Sho-Nuff is a sleek, sly sex machine, with an impressive tool and a boundless hunger for humping. Arriving at Dyllan’s room, he sees the guy is nervous and takes control of the situation. First he sucks the long hose of Dyllan’s dick until it’s stiff—man, it’s huge! Sho-Nuff licks it up and down like it’s a fat licorice stick, then the guys trade places. As soon as Sho-Nuff’’s outsize poker is stiff and slick, he orders Dyllan onto his hands and knees so the hustler can pig out on his john’s furry ass, spreading the meaty mounds, lapping and grunting. His dick follows his tongue, filling Dyllan’s silky fuck-chute. Sho-Nuff uses all of his lean flexible body when he fucks, undulating like a long-limbed snake, pulling his long dick all the way out before plunging it back in. The camera gets in close. Dyllan moans in pleasure as Sho-Nuff hits that spot deep inside him with stroke after stroke—how nice to get what you paid for! Sho-Nuff’s hips never stop. They flatten Dyllan to the bed, and slam him through several positions until Sho-Nuff sho nuff has to nut. He does it all over Dyllan’s hard belly, then Dyllan does it too.

Sho-Nuff and DyllanSho-Nuff and DyllanSho-Nuff and Dyllan