Sho-nuff and Trent


Trent and Sho-Nuff are naked from the start. Sexy Trent has his buddy’s dick in his mouth. With his sleek body, smoky eyes and trim goatee, Sho-Nuff looks hot and exotic and knows what he wants. Even as he enjoys the juicy blowjob, Sho-Nuff reaches down and fingers his cocksucker’s azz, getting it ready for the coming ordeal. Sho-Nuff lays Trent across a green velvet ottoman and sinks his big stiff dick between his buddy’s ample buttcheeks until there’s no further to go. Trent hollers and squirms but he’s nailed, and Sho-Nuff shows no mercy, lifting his hips and slamming his way through Trent’s steamy azz. Trent’s howls get louder, but Sho-Nuff flips him onto his back and bangs him harder, lying flat out on his bottom boi and letting his slamming hips do the work. When Trent’s well-stretched ass-chute can’t take any more pounding, his dick explodes thick ropes of jizz up his fuzzy torso. Sho-Nuff pulls out, aims his cum-cannon at his latest conquest’s contented face and fires away.

Sho-nuff and TrentSho-nuff and TrentSho-nuff and Trent