Packin Papi


Dillon and his crew give you the 411 on the down low. Hours of rugged thugz in XXX action, nuttin' all night!

Dillon is back in a totally explosive new DVD. Packin’ Papi features two thugz who have never made a video before! Dillon grinds newbie Gio into a moaning, begging bitch. Gio doesn’t know what hit him but he does know he doesn’t want the red hot sex to stop! (He didn't know the pinga was loaded)

After a brief rest, Dillon takes on hardcore thug Da Bomb, who’s never had a dick as big as Dillon’s. It’s a tight fit but Da Bomb stays with it until every hard inch is wedged up his poop chute.

Daz, also making his hardcore debut in this film, finds out that his roommate Jazz is laying in wait for him in a shaving/shower scene you should definitely try at home! There’s something kind of seductive about watching a thug shave, especially with a big juicy hard on.

Onyx thinks he’s hot shit and he’s been bragging on the street. Dillon hears him talking shit and decides to take him down. You’ll have to turn down the volume for this ball banging encounter or your neighbors might call the cops!

When the extraordinarily top Mr. Sauki takes on sensuous bottom Next Big Thang firecrackers explode, their jizz shoots sky high, and everyone gets their thug nut off!

These two Miami thugz prove that not all the urban heat’s in New York City!